Self-Sufficency - Urban Myth? Essay:

Self-Sufficient!!?? is it achievable? is it a Catch-Cry? or simply a feel good term?

Let's look at the word 'SELF', as i understand it means me/you all alone.
The Dictionary says "Self = well pretty much what i just said hey you read it for yourself" chuckle.

Now Sufficient to me that means having enough of some thing or other to keep you alive or whatever!.
The Dictionary says "Sufficient = as much as is needed"

So the Dictionary says "self-sufficient (adjective) = Able to provide or manage for oneself without aid".
To me "Aid" means any sort of help or assistance from man. beast or manmade object or substance or source.

So would it be fair for me to say that the hope to be or become "Self-Sufficient" is an Urban Myth/Catch Cry or Flavour of the Month, that's my story and i'm sticking with it! Maybe towards the end of this essay we can come up with something that is more achievable and definitely user and planet friendly just maybe?

People claim all sorts of self-sufficient lifestyles on urban 1/8th acre blocks of ground surrounded by the excesses of modern lifestyles, if we know we can't possibly be self-sufficient on 70 acres of pristine grazing land with good rainfall then how can anyone in the hustle and bustle of suburbia use the term in its correct tense?
Modern society has educated us to need - electricity, phones, cars, public transport, huge shopping complexes, suburbs built on minimum block size land completely denuded of trees, and that homes should be some inefficient resource wastefull 'Mac-Mansions' that consumes huge amounts of power and delivers huge amount of discomfort and cost to the hapless owner, who thinks that the social status says they have made it in life.

Having said that how can one (self) hope to be self-anything frugal maybe?? But totally reliant on what the socialy engineered indoctrinated lifestyle dictates. to put it all in perspective not even the first settlers were self-sufficient, they needed to be transported here either free or otherwise, they needed to move from a home base out in to the wilderness, they needed all sorts of manufactured items to do that and to hew out a lifestyle of isolation, a lifestyle of some self-reliance.
They needed to maintain equipment, have supplies for the purpose of health reasons, it took regular trips to a town or conveyance of goods for them to survive. They needed things like salt, sugar, flour material to make clothes and the list goes on! So how can modern yuppie mankind claim self-sufficiency? "CAN'T BE DONE"

Then all of a sudden the modern family wakes up one day and says "Let move to rural, and become self-sufficient", a very plausable thought, but soon after that it all goes awry, the main reason no real plan, no research of any kind to determine needs, and to top it off no idea whatsoever outside the real estate agent blurb on what good land is or isn't (that's a whole 'nutha story he says grinningly).

Now can we live Frugaly? I would say yes and very much so, it is whether we want to live that hand-me-down, home-made lifestyle?
Can we live sustainably?? I think we can certainly head that way and do things a whole lot better, that is if the reader understands sustainability isn't all about gaining wealth and power, as it is about none of that it is about how we use the resources of this Planet Earth, that WE all call HOME.


As there is simply no way that i can see that self-sufficiency at any level can be attained.
A simple trial for you grow enough onions for you and your family to use and never have to buy any more onions or seed and grow them without buying fertilisers or and chemical aids and only have them grow on available rain water
Go on give it a go, remember now some rules
1.. Think outside the square
2.. Think laterally
3.. Test your comfort envelope (after all the comfort envelope has been engineered into your thought pattern through social engineering)
4.. And of course no use of preserving methods outside of fridge storage to be used I am thinking in this trial the end product should come as "in fresh as mode" as is possible.

And last but not least if you are going to learn or achieve anything at all you need to get out there with "EYES-WIDE-OPEN" and "EARS-TO-THE-GROUND", don't take as Carte-blanche what information is put in front of you, look behind the picture, read between the lines, read the fine print and above all ask yourself "WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO TELL ME?".

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