This is a 3 bedroom size home, the livable area is 7 meters wide and 15 meters long.


Starting from the top this pictures is looking east over the dining area to the kitchen, which is idealy situated in the norht/east corner of the home, and it has a view to make being in the kitchen very comfortable anytime of the day. The bathroom/laundry is behind that partition wall visible at the right of shot.

The above picture is looking west toward the sitting area, we had our sleeping area in the south western corner.


Again with the top shot showing the main sleeping area, and the wardrobe partition dividing the second sleeping area.

The bottom shot shows the second sleeping area, with the door to the bathroom/laundry visible left of shot.


A view in the top picture of the inside of the front wall at the western end. And the bottom picture is of the middle section, as you can see planty of light can enter the home at all times and especially so when the full moon is rising then waining, and large double sliding doors for those family gathering times. There are 4 electric lights in the home 1 is in the bathroom, but on any night any one of those lights can illuminate the inside enough to make life comfortable. We used incadescent bulbs in the bathroom/laundry, toilet + in the middle of the home, this was for those times when quick light was needed for a short space of time.
The lights over the kitchen and sitting room are 36/40 watt fleuro' tubes, we had installed special bright tubes so only single units where needed.

This shot is looking to the eastern end. In all the concept worked very well if not extremely so? on comparisson, neighbours living to the north/east of us in a conventional brick queenslander brick bungalow, with wide patios around 3 sides, a home the indoctrinated would love to live in hey? so the comparisson on a winters morning we visited them around 8am to buy some eggs, the neighbour complained about the cold and commented that i was dressed like it was spring time, so i asked him what temp he had inside his living area, he said 0c degrees, at that stage we had had the sun which hits us app' 20 minutes after the neighbour gets it, we had it from around 7am. When we left for the walk to the neighbour we had 12c degrees in our home with no heating, they had heating (small electric i think) and where rugged up to the nines. yes it was very cold standing at their north/western fron door waiting for eggs. the beauty of a queenslander bugalow mcmansion not being able to utilise the suns warmth for the benefit of the occupier/owner.

Garden Len