*CORRUGATED RAISED GARDEN - Incorporating Hügelkultur *

Our latest venture is into raised beds using sheets of corrugated roofing as sides, used star pickets and fencing wire to hold it all together. Was thinking we may need to run some sort of beading around the top edges of the sheeting, others may opt to do that, but after 3 years we have not a single injury no matter how minor, to adults, kids or dogs.

This height around 600 millimeters we find is ideal as there is no bending to do gardening. the star pickets also get utilised as stakes for plants, that need it. The sheets are enough to create beds 6 meters long and 1 meter wide, with 1 meter pathways. One day all will be under a sort of row cover 7 meters wide and 17 meters app' long, for protection against birds and summer sun. The cover will be 50% white shade clothe knitted.

We had just moved onto a new block and some trees had to be pushed and piled, we worked thoruhg the pile, creating fire wood to give away some buttresses to be burnt, and lots of branches and twigs left over, these were bounded in a row in each garden and filled over the top of. This is the Hügelkultur aka Hill Culture German style. a good way of recycling without chipping, and as usual any other material bit of whatever rocks concrete cardboard, paper all went in as well.

As usual mulching plays a big part (spoilt hay; sugar cane or raked slashed grass), we now have chooks who value add mulch which goes into garden requirements.

Striking the first blows

Early progress

Looks good already

there at last

now to produce

At end of 2014 we have eaten well just been through 2 very dry seasons, this year and last year the worst, this one looks broken with a good week of rain under our belts, no compliants with the beds.

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